About me

I was born in California in the 1960s and grew up in Carmel Valley and Big Sur. Throughout my life I studied psychology, music, singing, vocalization, theatre, movement, dance, yoga, meditation, parenting, organic gardening, writing and tactile arts, practicing these disciplines in the service of my own development as an individual, a parent and a world citizen. I bring the experience of applying expressive and performing arts towards personal growth to my counseling practice.

I have found that whatever the challenge or presenting issue may be, insight and resolution happen in new, unexpected ways when we listen to our bodies’ efforts to be heard and give language to the unspoken sensations, symptoms and awareness within.

I look forward to discovering with you, the most supportive, effective, specific approach to addressing your needs and concerns, and creating the kind of changes your experience calls for.

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Academic Education

I attended one year of Tisch School of the Arts in Dance at New York University, in Greenwich Village; graduating with a BA in Psychology and Religion in 1985.

Inspired by Wilhelm Reich, I studied Somatic Psychology in graduate school; I received my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology through Antioch University, Somatic’s Program in San Francisco, California in1990.

My thesis was on the use of Body-Centered Psychotherapy in addressing addiction, grief, intimacy, and the interrelatedness of the three.

“Paying attention to inner experience is the foundation
of self-knowledge, truth, intimacy with oneself and others;

It is also the first step to self-respect and understanding.

Expression follows.”

My Personal Growth Story

I am a seeker of truth, of wisdom, of deep connection with the earth, with others and with myself. Throughout my life I have found resonance, meaning and nourishment in friendships, literary, expressive and performing arts, social activism and in the garden soil. I utilize many modalities in my practice so that I can enhance the journey of your own particular connection to your life.

Life is rich and I revel in the literal and symbolic representations of growth.
I delight in identifying myself as a gardener.

As a counselor, it is my purpose and pleasure to support your development in whatever stage I may be of service, I have a deep reverence for the stages of life, from conception, germination, stewardship, maturation, fruition, casting off, death and seed saving.

Together we will collect the seeds for your garden, literal or figurative, and sow what will best nourish your whole being.

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Grief, Loss, Bereavement

I have known death intimately having lost my sister in a car accident when I was a child, losing my parents in early adulthood and living the grief and loss of additional relatives and dear friends.

The process of facing the death of my mother was one of the hardest challenges I have had to face; it was also one of the richest periods of personal growth I have known.

As a Hospice grief support worker I have found there is much opportunity for deep reflection and evaluation of our essential selves and life purpose inherent in the process of death and dying.

I am here to support your transformative process through all kinds of loss, making room for and honoring your personal journey.

“It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us.
Rather, our concern must be to live while we’re alive- to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a façade”

-Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Life Lessons

I grew up in California, the youngest daughter of the conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell, who presented the worst and best examples of humanity throughout my life. I grew up with full sentimentality and skepticism about the leaders, cultural hero(in)es, citizens, and the state of the world.

I developed a deep longing to understand the inner sources of destruction, resilience and inspirational hope. I learned both a shrewd line of evaluating and questioning as well as an ability to trust my gut. It was important to develop an inner sense of appraising people, situations and news stories. Perhaps this more than anything contributed to my valuation of honesty, authenticity and courage.

It is my purpose to support you in being your own best advocate; to learn to trust your senses and ability to find worthy, reliable council within yourself and in the world. I am also here to assist you in distilling the mythology of your own life, the lessons your life has provided, that you have to share with the world.

I am moved to support the connection between self-discovery and social enhancement and believe that the work we do with ourselves is related to and has an effect on what happens in the world around us.

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“The way I treat my body
is not disconnected from the way I treat my family
or the commitment I have to peace on earth”

– Jack Kornfield

I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Morroco, Israel, Peru, Sri Lanka, Nepal and most thoroughly, India, where I spent a total of two years spread over five different trips.

I appreciate authenticity and people living without media affectation. It is my purpose to create an environment where you are comfortable to experience yourself as you are.

I look forward to learning about you and how we might move forward with your own callings and journey of personal growth.

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