Clinical Background & Training

Diane Brussell
Registered Clinical Counselor #3920
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Diane Brussell Counselling, Expressive and Performing Arts
Sole Proprietor of Lettuce Lotus Productions


B.A. Psychology and Religion, New York University, NYC 1985.
M.A. Clinical Psychology, Somatic Studies, Antioch University, SF, 1990.

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Additional Training & Studies

Work scholarship at Esalen, Moving on and Letting Go, Big Sur, California Summer 1987
Swedish Eslalen Massage Certification, California, 1987
Authentic Movement, Study and Practice, SF, 1987-1990; British Columbia,1993-2017
Holotropic Breathwork with Christina and Stanislov Grof, Monterey, California 1990
Process Work Intensives and workshops with Arnie Mindell and Core Faculty
Process Work Centre Portland, Oregon; 1990-1994,1996, 2001
Organic Gardening and Orchard Implementation, Cortes Island, 1991-2017
The Power of Writing with Deena Metzger at Hollyhock retreat center, 1993, 1995
Vispasana Retreat, Victoria, 1994
Yoga Teacher Certification Kripalu Institute, Lenox, Mass, 1995
Yoga Teacher Certification Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Kerala, India, 1996
Playback Theatre with Jonathan Fox, Rowe Retreat Center, Mass.1996
Playback Theatre with Robert Osborne, Salt Spring Island, 1996-1998
Vocal Improvisation workshops with Rhiannon at Hollyhock, 1994, 1997, 1998
Action Theatre workshop with Ruth Zaporah, Hollyhock retreat center, 1998
Jin Shin Do Body-Mind Counseling courses and practicum, 1999-2017
Contact Improvisation Dance Intensive, Lasqueti Island, BC, Winter 2001
Theravada Insight Meditation, Margo McLoughlin, 2004, 2007, 2011
IAM Amma Meditation training, Seattle, 2005
Non Violent Communication, Rachel Lamb, Cortes Island, 2006
Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, Miriam Martineau of Next Step Integral, Cortes Island, 2008
Side Stepping the Power Struggle, LIFE Seminars, Allison Rees, Victoria, 2011
Rewrite Your Life, Junie Swadron, Victoria, 2012
Memoir, Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Victoria, 2012
Write Your Life for the Page and the Stage with Ann Randoph, Hollyhock, 2012, 2014. (Private tutorial, 2013)
Suzuki Violin study as a parent, Victoria Conservatory of Music, 2011-2017
Healing Attachment Wounds with AEDP, Dale Trimble, 2015
Hand in Hand, Parenting By Connection, Starter Class, Online, 2015
Hospice Grief Support Orientation and Training, Campbell River, 2015, volunteering 2015-2016
Hand in Hand, Parenting By Connection, Class for Parents of Pre-teens and Teens, 2016
Collaborative & Proactive Solutions: Understanding and Helping Behaviorly Challenging Kids, Ross Greene, Courtenay January 2016
Child Trauma and Neglect-Impact, Assessment &Intervention, Dr. Bruce Perry, Courtenay, April 2016
Trauma, Body and the Brain, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Hollyhock, 2016
Motivational Interviewing, UBC Continuing Education, Vancouver, 2016
Deep Listening; Hospice Training course, Cowichan Valley, 2016, volunteering 2016-2017
Complex Grief, Grieving Suicides and Overdose deaths, Cowichan Valley Hospice Society, 2017

Current Studies

Organic Intelligence with Stephen Hoskinson, Online, 2016-2017
Understanding the Roots of Aggression, Online with Gordon Neufeld. Practicum integration with Marla Kolomaya, 2017

Fall 2017 Trainings

EMDR with Marshall Wilensky
Module IV Jin Shin Do Training with Iona Marsaa Teaguarden

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Past Classes & Groups Facilitated Diane

Body Awareness
Metaphors of Movement and Touch
Self-Sensing and the Foundations of Intimacy
Authentic Movement
Sharing What’s Inside; Teen Check-In Circle
Process Work Practicum
with Resident Linnaea Farm Students
Collaborative Choreography
Dancing the Field
Singing the Field
Trauma Informed Hatha Yoga
Sivananda style Hatha Yoga
Free Write and Read on Air
On the Write Track
Growing Yourself in the Garden
Yoga Dance
Mohiniatham Classical Indian Dance
Bharata Natyam Classical Indian Dance
Jazz dance
Tap dance
Musical Theatre