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Private Sessions and Classes available at three Locations; Cortes Island, Courtenay, Cowichan Valley, BC

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    Photo of Diane taken by Govind Baskin-Brussell,
    Photo of Yellow Tulips by Sergee Bee*

    Photo of Diane in the forest taken by Govind Baskin-Brussell
    Photo of colorful painted building by Luis Alfonso Orellana*
    Photo of Hand reaching to the light by Dev Benjamin **
    Photo of Hands holding strawberries by Arthur R. Towski *
    Photo of Mama duck with duckling by Gary Bendig*
    Photo of Buddha statue holding rose petals by Chris Ensey*
    Photo of forked branch with orange moss by Hannah Porter*
    Photo of dog and cat snuggling by Krista Mangusone*
    Photo of hands spelling “LOVE” by Seth Doyle*
    Photo of rainbow by Jeremy Bishop*
    Photo of a group celebration by Baim Harif*
    Photo of mossy forest by Mathew Murphy*

    Photo of nest with blue eggs by Ian Baldwin*
    Photo of babies holding hands by Alona Kraft*

    Photo of people holding hands by Elizabeth Tsung*
    Photo of footprints in the sand by Steiner Engeland*
    Photo of bicyclist on bridge by Victor Kern*
    Photo of flowery moss on rock by Mathew Smith*
    Photo of balanced river rocks by Austin Neill*
    Photo of hands holding garden soil by Gabriel Jimenez*
    Photo of temple bells by Igor Ovsyannykov*
    Photo of hands holding sparklers by Ian Schneider*
    Photo of blueberries by Katie Chase*

    Photo of sunflower with bee by Fransisco Morals*

    Photo of Diane at the beach by Govind Baskin-Brussell

    *All stared photos Courtesy of UNSPLASH, free, high resolution photos

    Above photo by Clem Onojeghuo*