Core Values

Some of my top values as a practitioner include Presence, Connection, Expressiveness, Empowerment, Integration and Humour


The presence we are able to cultivate in life and in the therapeutic context determines the quality and depth of our experience. Attuning to our breath and body sensations are the most reliable tools to anchor awareness in the present moment. Through the mind full practice of remembering to notice, you can strengthen your ability to access yourself and be present with yourself authentically in any given situation.

“Owning my story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as running away from it”

– Brene Brown


Connection is the traction where movement takes place.
Our work together is to deepen your ability to listen to and connect with your self.
My connection to myself is my compass and the presence I bring to you.
Our connection is there to feed and nourish your ability to care for your self and your personal growth; to connect with yourself and then to deepen your ability to connect with others.

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“No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth”

– Martha Beck


Expressiveness is crucial to well being and is the antidote to stuck energy, feelings, symptoms, blocks. It is my mission to provide a safe place, encouragement, tools and example/modeling for expressions of all kinds. Withholding expression takes a lot of energy and can be toxic, akin to constipation or holding a breath. We must exhale to take in anew, to restore our balance and our equilibrium. We need to express freely and deeply for wellness and connectedness.
You will have the opportunity to explore additional expressive channels such as writing, movement, song, sound and facial expressions, which can extend and augment the articulation of our stories.

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“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want”



My fourth core value is Empowerment. It is my purpose to let you know that what you have to say is important enough to stand by and that your memories, feelings, opinions and sense of things are relevant and central to the truth of your life.
I believe too many people are conditioned to believe that their experiences are unimportant; they are at the heart of your story and are indispensably important. Your story is at the heart of your personal power and cannot be taken away, but it must be discovered and claimed. It is yours no matter what happens and I will assist you in accessing it.
I am here to support you to identify and make the changes you feel called to make.

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“I walk like I’m on a mission, cause that’s the way I groove.
I got more and more to do, and less and less to prove”

-Ani DiFranco



Integration is when we have room for all of our feelings to be felt, known and expressed. When all parts of our self are welcomed in the milieu of our inner community, our energy will not be used in struggle against our self, but work together as a multi-faceted whole.

Writing, playacting and singing provide opportunities for what would often remain unconscious to be experienced so that we might integrate less known elements within.

If we can give voice and listen to feelings and thoughts that are otherwise offensive, scary, vulnerable, we can begin to understand the value and purpose each quality contributes to our whole.

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“Our suffering comes from those parts of our psyches that are unseen and unfelt”

-Carl Jung

Humour & Silliness

Humour and Silliness are important to me in my practice because of their relationship to freedom. Repression takes its toll on silliness. It is an inherent quality of a happy child and healthy society that I hope to rekindle, make room for, allow, cherish and share with you. I love providing a place for the absurd because it feels so good to laugh. I am happy when I am silly and happier still when I can support others to discover that pleasure and share that space. I believe humor can be another adaptive response to dis-stress.

There are always tears to shed and there are laughs to discover and allow. Both are vital elements of our humanity.

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“Taking joy in living
is a woman’s best cosmetic”

-Rosalind Russell