Drawing upon Playback Theatre, Process Work, Authentic Movement, vocal improvisation, political hopes/fears/indignations, memoirs, writing, body-mind practices, clinical psychology and silliness, we will explore the process of creating original musicals to move the stuck, powerless and unspeakable to a place of articulated expression, empowerment, humor and a better life in a bettered world. Both solo performance musical “play-lets” and collective extravaganzas will be supported. Offered in various formats including workshops, class series, and private 10-week session pack.

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“We have our stories to tell, stories that provide wisdom about the journey of life. What more have we to give one another than our ‘truth’ about our human adventure as honestly and as openly as we know how?”

-Rabbi Saul Rubin


Classes begin with an eclectic guided dance warm-up and build on the foundation of being in sync with one another rhythmically. While everyone can experience the joy and community of moving together, it is therapeutic and beneficial in tending to feelings of isolation as well as traumatized dissociation. Being in sync with others in movement, collectively representing spatial patterns, allows us to be part of something profoundly larger than ourselves, and join with others in beauty, joy and creation.

Participants will have the opportunity, (not requirement) to explore metaphoric and literal expressions of song lyrics and inner states of thought and feeling. We will seek to expand each individual’s unique articulation of musical experience and have the opportunity to reflect and mirror one another.

The classes provide options throughout to observe or participate in accordance with comfort and personal needs and the opportunity for performance. All experience welcome, no experience necessary.


Authentic Movement is a form of Active Imagination where the medium is movement, coined as a practice by Mary Starks Whitehouse. Movers are invited to begin in stillness and wait until the impulse to move moves them, allowing attention to follow the body and not the other way around. We learn to listen to the unheard expressions within, observing our own impulses, reactions and thoughts. Authentic Movement is a body-centered approach to access and express what is unconscious or non-verbal. The emphasis is on allowing movement with out judgment and creating a safe environment to exist with a whole new presence. We are invited to be beginners and bring a curious willingness to step in and experience ourselves in a new and unfamiliar terrain.

It is usually done with eyes closed in the presence of at least one witness, who watches and tracks their inner experience with the intention of focusing on self-awareness.

Authentic Movement can be practiced individually or in a group.


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“The instrument by which the dance expresses itself is also the instrument by which life is lived;

the human body”
Martha Graham


In yoga we learn to be present with our breath and our bodies and to listen deeply to ourselves. In Trauma Informed Yoga classes you are supported to attune to yourself, to understand and serve your own well-being. Learning to respect your needs and limitations provides a foundation for a new relationship with your body and with life.

I have been a yoga practitioner and instructor for 27 years, and believe in the metaphorical and literal practice of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance that yoga affords. I revere yoga as another milieu in which all levels of healing and transformation is possible.

Private and group classes are available.

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Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget you perfect offering
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in”

-Leonard Cohen


Gardening is an opportunity to actively participate in taking care of yourself at the most fundamental level; Gardening is a metaphor for all creative potential and processes; Gardening gives us the chance to make an offering of our efforts in the service of life.

I am available to come to your garden or to provide garden space for you in Courtenay to experience the healing potential of growing food, flowers, herbs and teas. Together we will discover what best represents what you need to grow at this time and design a garden space to actualize the vision. Verbal counseling and processing provided while we garden together.

Summer sessions and lodging available on Cortes Island at Hummingbirdhavenairbnb.

*Cultivating Fertile Ground
*Making room for visions of beauty
*Nourishing the Body and Spirit
*Grounding in the soil; going bare foot and working the soil we literally ground the harmful electro magnetic radiation absorbed in our bodies.
*Collaborating and celebrating Life.

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“Digging deep and finding treasure in the garden, in growing and nourishing your self”.